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Lefteris Miaoulis grew up in Athens, Greece. In 1982, he started working as an editorial photographer. His photographs have been widely published in all Greek Newspapers (e.g. ETHNOS, NEA, VIMA etc), The BBC HOMES Magazine, 25 Beautiful Homes Magazine, ABITARE Magazine, ELLE DECO magazine, FIGARO MAISON magazine and IDANIKO SPITI magazine, among others. In 2006, was the chief photographer of PEGASUS S.A. Company for the magazines ΙΔΑΝΙΚΟ ΣΠΙΤΙ (Ideal Home) and MENU. His work for COCO-MAT S.A. company (concept, photography, production) was outstanding and helped the new company conquer the world. His personal work is focused in Fine Art B&W photography and has exhibited his work numerous times. He as well specializes in Art Paintings photography and has photographed the collections of Vorres Musuem and numerous well known artists in Greece.

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Lefteris Miaoulis
58 Solomou str
Athens, 10682, Greece

(+30) 6982214764



The art of survival ETHNOS newspaper

I worked as a photo reporter under very difficult circumstances for ETHNOS, and later fot the majority of Greek Daily Newspapers. This where I learned to be quick and effective, to judge framing before thinking and effectively use the slightest ray of excisting light. By that time I statred producing full features (pics and texts) and publish them to newspapers and magazines.

House & Decoration

In Location and in the Studio Architecture and Interiors

I have been the chief photographer, for a decade, of the PEGASUS S.A. studio for the magazines IDANIKO SPITI (IDEAL HOME) and MENU.
I photographed more than 5.000 properties (homes, villas, hotels, shops, resorts etc) for the magazine as well as the whole of the studio work (still lives, pack shots, market news etc). I travelled all over Greece for that purpose, getting to know well known Architects, Decorators and House Owners, everywhere.
The Menu magazine was mostly a precise studio work dealing with food and wine. I cooperated with well known chefs, producing pictures of their recipes in the highest quality.

Other Work


Katalogues and Advertisements Getting International

I started working with COCO-MAT S.A. before they became an S.A., and I am responsible for a part of their concept, design and PR. I planned, had the concept, wrote, photographed, did the lay out and printed the company's book-catalogues for a decade or so. I as well produced and photographed all COCO-MAT advertisements in magazines. For two years I have been responsible for the company's media planning. I as well produced and photographed the COCO-MAT FINE HOTELS edition, for which I had to travel all over Greece and Europe in order to make pictures of some of the most known hotels which are equipped with the company's beds, mattresses and furniture.

Black & White

Fine Art Photography Loving pure photography

I have mastered photographic and especially Black & White theory very early by studying Hansel Adams books and by working for more than three decades on the area of Fine Art Photography. I have exhibited my work numerous times and I teached my personal approach on the digital bridge to the zone system to schools of Photography and Ceramic Art. I have also teached three months seminars about the image culture to the kindergarden teachers of the Athens's University.

Photo Books

Printed Books & E-Books Photography in a Book

I have been one of the three photographers that photographed one of the most known Greek Books "The Kitch" of ANTI publications.This book published back in the 80's managed to give a shift to the Greek Aesthetics.
"Santorini Wines" is a tribute to the outstanding wines of the island.
"Fanari Villas Views Santorini" is a book about a Hotel built on a spot like no other, as it faces the famous Sanotrini sunset
"Santorini" is a photography book in B&W with landscapes and streer photography of the island.

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